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April 9, 2016

History of Mutual Funds in the World

Mutual funds go back to the times of the Egyptians and Phoenicians when they sold shares in caravans and vessels to spread the risk of these ventures. The foreign and colonial government Trust of London of 1868 is considered to be the fore-runner of the modern concept of mutual funds. The USA is, however, considered to be the Mecca of modern mutual funds.

The establishment of investment companies which provided an opportunity to small investors to invest in the equity markets attracted the investment opportunity in the stock market. The first investment company was The Scottish-American Investment Company, set-up in London in 1860. Initially, these investment trusts became very popular and their number increased to over 50. But most of them were wiped-out in the 1890 stock market crisis.

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February 12, 2016

How Forecasts Can Help Optimize a Supply Chain

When it comes to optimizing supply chains, one of the most important set of calculations that need to be made are the forecasts. Being able to make accurate forecasts could make or break a company’s efforts to optimize their supply chain, as it is central to it in more ways than one.

“Why is the Forecast so Important?”

Every supply chain is based on manufacturing and delivering a product to consumers. As such, ultimately, it is designed around the sales of the product itself. At the time when the supply chain is designed however, those sales are not yet certain and that is where forecasts come into play.

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January 2, 2012

Financial Resolution for the New Year

The new has already knocked the door and we are celebrating it like never before and we should do this. But while celebrating we should move to new year new approach towards our life, so is to our finances. We should ensure that we are having some realistic financial resolutions this year. Not some very big and artificial ones like previous years just to forget once more. Those who don’t have such habit of making a resolution and sticking to it forever should start with some easier ones.

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September 26, 2011

Get Out of Debt Trap

One often takes the route of debt to satisfy his/her needs when the needs are beyond his/her financial capacity. At that point of time s/he feels blessed but if this is not managed properly, this blessing turns out to be a curse and then s/he feels cheated and finds her/him caught in a trap of debts.

Various Forms of Debt

There are so many kinds of debt available in the market; formal as well as informal. You can borrow in such ways:

Credit Cards: These are the most risky debt available in the market. The cost of credit card loans ranges between 35%- 50% per annum. Use only when it is necessary.

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September 25, 2011

Make Tax Planning Part of Life

To meet your both ends meet you earn some money. Being part of the financial system and economy, the government levy a tax on you like it levy on everyone. So you have to pay some taxes. These taxes depend on how much do you earn. Like others you too don’t enjoy paying your hard-earned money to the government and wish to pay lower taxes to the government. You wish to bring down your effective tax rate lower. Is it possible to bring down the effective tax rate for you? Might be you know the answer too. My answer is yes. You can bring down your effective tax rate by proper tax planning.

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September 24, 2011

Must Have an Investment Plan

Like maximum of the people you too have habit of saving some part of your earnings and investing that saving for future purpose. This is a good but it is found that maximum of people make investment but with no plan. Hardly a few people are found to be having an investment and you might too fall in the category of the people who don’t have any investment plan.

Why an Investment Plan?

Planning is essential for success in any adventure or work. Truly speaking investment is also an adventure. Do you think that you can reach to your goals without any plan? Do not you plan your journey? Do not you plan your future? I think your answers to these questions will be yes. So why not to have an investment for your hard earned money. Always remember that it is your money that will help and assist to realize all your future plans and dreams.

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September 23, 2011

An Introduction to Finanacial Planning

All of us need money to spend today as well tomorrow so you too need money. You know how much you are earning today but are you certain that how much we will be earning tomorrow? Or are you sure how much money you will need tomorrow to satisfy some needs that will arise. You know how much you are spending today or you can spend but what about future expenditures? Do you know how much money you will be spending or you will need? And do you know where this money will come from? Is not this a question of importance?

I think this is important. Yes this is an important question for you not only you but everyone. You will have to face this question one day in your life. It is imperative for you to know what will be your financial needs as well as sources to satisfy those needs on a specified date. To achieve these two goals you need to have a financial plan because without a financial plan for maximum of people it is not possible to meet all the expenses. 

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