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September 29, 2011

Investment Options with Regards to Mutual Funds

There are a variety of options available to the investors when investing in mutual funds. The investors have options in these investment plans to choose from according to the needs and financial capabilities as well as the financial goals. The investment plans offered by mutual fund houses are aimed to satisfy various needs and financial goals of the investors. The important options for investment plans that mutual funds offer are as below:

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September 24, 2011

Introduction to the Basics of Equity

Investment in equities refers to the buying and holding of shares by individuals or organization may be mutual funds or institutional investors with the expectation of warning some return either in form of capital gains/ increase in the prices of stock or dividends. The equity owners are owner of the company of which equity shares the owners have. In other words it also refers to equity (ownership) participation in a public company, or private (unlisted) company, or a start-up (a company being created or newly created).

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