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September 1, 2015

Self Esteem

Self esteem is an expression of one’s perceptions regarding the convictions and confidence in what one can do and is worthy of. It is evaluated by the level of confidence in the applicant regarding the required skills and education to complete the job in the most effective and efficient manner. The applicants with high level of self esteem answer the question by using phrase I can than any other phrases like I believe or I do. When a candidate is confident of him performing duties and possessing the required skills then only answers with phrase I can. Apart from the confidence, it is body language as well as the facial expressions while discussing or talking about the skills also help in evaluating the self esteem level of the candidates. Besides the above mentioned ways, there is better way to evaluate the self esteem. The self esteem can be evaluated by using self esteem test consisting of questionnaires regarding skills and many other aspects of job as well as previous experiences.

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August 31, 2015

Clan Control

The four functions of the management are planning, organizing, leading and staffing. All these four functions are meant for an efficient performance of the system or organization. While practicing these four functions there is need for ensuring that everything remains in the given or expected range and the outcome of all actions is expected. To ensure the alignment to expected values or range there is need for controlling these activities so that goals are met and no function of these four functions tends to dominate or encroach in others territory.

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