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September 29, 2011

What is Rupee Cost Averaging

There are many investors who prefer to invest in lumpsum into an asset class and forget about it. And there so many investors who are not able to invest in an asset class at one go. So they do it by investing a fixed sum regularly.

When one invests in any asset in one go s/he buy the asset at prevailing price at that time. S/he is not get affected by price of asset at the buy price as her/his buying price is fixed. But one who invests a fixed sum regularly s/he buys assets at different prices.

In financial market there is always volatility. So price of assets changes. Some times the price increases and some times the prices falls. And an investor who keeps investing regularly is forced to buy the assets on the prevailing prices.

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September 24, 2011

Risk and Return Tradeoff in Context of Mutual Funds

Like all the other investment avenues, mutual funds too have investment risk. It is very important to maintain risk and return tradeoff when investing into mutual funds and calculating the returns. It is true that the risks on investments into the mutual funds are lower than the investment into the stocks directly. Because of this reason many investors tend to ignore the risk component while calculating the effective returns from the mutual funds.

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